2014-15 CWG Messages

The Tacoma Billboards Community Working Group (CWG) that met 11 times from Sept. 22, 2014, to Feb. 2, 2015, has an "official" page of information and selected documents, including its final report, at http://www.cityoftacoma.org/cms/one.aspx?portalId=169&pageId=68807.

The purpose of this page is to provide interested persons (hopefully including members of the City Planning Commission and City Council, and Council candidates) the many communications from the Tacoma Central Neighborhood Council chair, Doug Schafer, who was the only lawyer on the CWG, to the hired CWG moderator, Karen Reed (former Assistant City Manager of Bellevue), selected CWG members, and the City planning staff who guided (or misguided) the CWG.

140910_Msg2Reed-wi-Appraisals.pdf 140910_Msg2Reed-wi-Appraisals.pdf  Providing copy of a 2005 billboard appraisal and Lakewood's settlement with Clear Channel from its removal of two billboards.

140910_Msg2Reed-wi-BellevueBrief.pdf  Providing Bellevue's 1978 brief to the WA Supreme Court asserting the invalidity of RCW 47.42.107.

140911_Msg2Reed-YakimaBBs.pdf  Providing the Yakima's planning staff's website listing 34 WA cities that ban billboards.

140918_Msg2Reed-TacomaBB-history.pdf  Providing the Tacoma Planning Commission's report of May 18, 2011.

140919_Msg2Reed-MarkhamOpinion-FedCts.pdf  Providing the WA Supreme Court's 1968 Markham opinion approving forced removal of billboards without compensation following a 3-year amoritization period, and U.S. Supreme Court affirmance of that Markham opinion, making it binding on all courts.

140919_Msg2Reed-RCW47.42.107.pdf  Providing information showing that RCW 47.42.107, if even valid, requires compensation for no more than 38 billboard faces (perhaps even fewer) in Tacoma.

140923_Msg2Reed_request-TAB-ratings.pdf  Requesting that Clear Channel provide Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) ratings for each Tacoma billboard face. It refused.

140923_Msg2Reed-BB-terminology.pdf  Providing information about labels used by the billboard industry for different size billboards.

140924_Msg2Reed-UnconstitutionalTaking.pdf  Providing information emphasizing the constitutionality of Tacoma's 1997 ordinance requiring the uncompensated forced removal of nonconforming billboards following a 10-year amortization period.

140925_Msg2Reed-CC-v-LA_settlements-void.pdf  Providing information showing that litigation settlements that circumvent local laws are void, as illustrated by Clear Channel's litigation settlement with Los Angeles that a court later ruled it was void.

140926_Msg2Reed-GAO_Opinions.pdf  Providing the U.S. Government Accountability Office's 2004 and 1991 reports showing that courts consistently uphold laws requiring the forced removal of billboards following an amortization period without compensation.

140927_Msg2Reed-Talcott_LetEd.pdf  Providing copy of a letter to the editor in The News Tribune by prominent reader strongly opposing billboard blight.

140929_Msg2Reed-YakimaPlanningReport.pdf  Providing copy of Yakima planning staff's Sept. 2013 report that strongly opposes billboards.

141007_Msg2Reed-CityLawyers.pdf  Providing information supporting doubtful competency and veracity of the City's lawyers.

141020_Msg2Harrington-C-1-zoning.pdf  Providing information showing that billboards were never permitted in the C-1 commercial zoning district.

141020_Msg2Reed-Rhapsody-in-Bloom.pdf  Providing information about the value of a perpetual easement for a billboard, possible buyouts of billboard siite lessors, and about the City's defective records of billboard parcels.

141030_Msg2Harrington-C-1-zoning.pdf  Providing information showing that billboards were never permitted in the C-1 commercial zoning district.

141030_Msg2Reed-BBs-in-T-zone.pdf  Providing photos of the ten billboard faces in the T zone along S. Tyler Street between S. 52nd and S. 54th.

141030_Msg2Reed-CityTaxes.pdf  Providing information about the City's failure to collect fees and taxes from billboard site lessors and from Clear Channel.

141030_Msg2Reed-PropertyTaxes.pdf  Providing information about the nominal property taxes that Clear Channel pays for its Tacoma billboards.

141104_Msg2Harrington-C-1-zoning.pdf  Providing information showing that billboards were never permitted in the C-1 commercial zoning district.

141105_Msg2Wung-72sqft-BBs.pdf  Asking about the 2011 changed code definition of billboards that excludes 72 square foot "junior posters."

141112_Msg2Reed-BB-spreadsheet-request.pdf  Repeatedly requesting the City planning staff's spreadsheet with its data about all the billboards.

141112_Msg2Reed-SpotZoning.pdf  Expressing cynicism about past zoning practices, particularly the many examples of illegal "spot zoning."

141113_Msg2Reed-CityMisinformation.pdf  Showing the breadth of misinformation that the City staff has been providing concerning billboards.

141114_Msg2Reed-72sqft-BBs.pdf  Expressing frustration at lack of response to earlier question why 2011 ordinance excluded 72 sq. ft. billboards.

141124_Msg2Reed-TNT_TheNose.pdf  Providing copy of The News Tribune piece expressing cynicism about the CWG and about City leaders.

150121_Msg2Reed-MyMemorandum-NoTaking.pdf  Providing memorandum to educate CWG members that amortization without compensation is valid.

150122_Msg2Reed_Broadnax-SanAntonio.pdf  Expressing concern that City Manager Broadnax may have tainted relationship with Clear Channel.

150123_Msg2Reed_BB-leases.pdf  Showing why any renewals since August 1, 2007, of site leases for illegal nonconforming billboard are void.

150124_Msg2Harrington-Jackson.pdf  Providing CWG members historical perspective about the 1997 ordinance and the City's nonenforcement of it.

150127_Msg2DeOme_NoGrandfatheringBBs.pdf  Warning why the City must not legitimize the billboards that are now illegal under the 1997 ordinance.

150128_Msg2Harrington-C-1-zoning.pdf  Providing information showing that billboards were never permitted in the C-1 commercial zoning district.

150128_Msg2Harrington-more-C-1-zoning.pdf  Providing information showing that billboards were never permitted in the C-1 commercial zoning district.

150128_Msg2Reed-SettlementVoidAsGift.pdf  Showing why the 2010 Settlement Agreement's provision committing the City to pay market value for Clear Channel's billboards is an unconstitutional gift of public funds, and therefore void.

150129_Msg2Harrington-zoning.pdf  Requesting information about, and noting the significance of, zoning of parcels at the time that billboards were erected.

150129_Msg2Reed_CenterSt-BB.pdf  Providing information about landowner's agreement to not renew billboard lease; asking about City monitoring of such agreements.

150129_Msg2Reed-MAP-21.pdf  Warning that if City Council legitimizes the 182 or so illegal nonconforming billboard that are along principal arterials added by MAP 21 to the National Highway System, then taxpayers would later be required to pay market value for any forced removal of them.

150202_Memorandum.pdf  This memo with Schafer's objections to portions of a draft of the final report was distributed to CWG members at the last meeting.

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