Billboard Litigation: Round Two

Below are links to PDF copies of the most significant documents filed in the litigation between the City and Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) that resumed in August 2011.  Key documents from "round one" of this litigation are posted on the Proposed Digital Billboards page of this website (click here).

08-18-2011  Complaint for Declaratory Judgment (without exhibits)

08-18-2011  Settlement Agreement as referenced in the Complaint as its Exhibits A & B

09-16-2011  Notice of Removal to Federal Court (without exhibits)

09-23-2011  CCO's Motion to Dismiss

10-17-2011  City's Response to Motion to Dismiss

10-17-2011  Declaration of Shelley Kerslake in Support of City

10-17-2011  Declaration of Chris Bacha in Support of City

10-21-2011  CCO's Reply to City's Response to Motion to Dismiss

12-7-2011   Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part CCO's Motion to Dismiss

12-19-2011  CCO's Answer and Counterclaims

06-19-2012  Motion to Modify Pre-Trial Deadlines

06-26-2012  Order Modifying Pre-Trial Deadlines

07-20-2012  Motion to Continue Trial Date

07-20-2012  Declaration of Shelley Kerslake

07-20-2012  Proposed Order Continuing Trial Date

Federal Court's docket report as of August 15, 2012.


Proposed "Standstill Agreement" signed Aug. 15, 2012, by City Manager and City Attorney

City's Aug. 15, 2012, news release concerning the Standstill Agreement.

TNT articles of Aug. 15 and Aug. 16 about the Standstill Agreement.


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